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Who is Camille?

Camille Betham (nee Camille Parker) – a chartered accountant with a Bachelor of Management Studies degree, 1st class honours, years of experience in chartered accounting practices and as a financial controller.

Camille has a strong desire to utilise her skillset to assist other businesses survive and thrive through the knowledge and experience she has.

Camille loves to empower and train others on their financial situation and leads with empathy which enables her to be well liked and work with people easily.

Camille lives in Athenree Gorge with her husband on their avocado orchard. Camille loves Waihi Beach to the reason for setting up Camille Betham & Associates accounting practice, although her clients are throughout New Zealand using cloud based meeting channels.


Camille has a network of people she contracts with in the virtual space who will assist her in supporting existing and new clients. Associates range from bookkeepers, accountants, payroll experts and tax experts, along with the Adviser Hub experts of insurance brokers and lawyers.


Why choose me to help?

With 15 years of business advisory experience and financial controller experience, down to earth and a genuine strength to empower others.

Services for Chartered Accounting Firms

Xero Workpaper Review Services Limited

Do you struggle to get annual accounts out the door because of lack of reviewing time, which hinders your cashflow? Turn this process around quicker by utilising my service, an experienced chartered accountant of 15 years in New Zealand.

  • Reviews – 1st and final (high level) by a chartered accountant
  • Xero Workpaper setup
  • Xero Workpaper training – annual accounts
  • Xero Workpaper training – reviewers

I have created a systematic approach to using and reviewing xero workpapers.

Saving you added time and costs in scanning and storage of manual workpaper files.

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Partner Relief / Acting Partner

Camille Parker, a chartered accountant with:

  • 15 years’ experience
  • a certificate of public practice
  • professional indemnity insurance

will come and sit in your chair and act on your behalf or if preferred can do it virtually. I love systems, so can help implement a system that can make this work.

If you need to go on leave for whatever reason – a much needed / desired overseas holiday, a hospital stay or simply a mental health break – let me take over the reins to keep your practice running, as you would like, with cashflow still coming in.


  • Managing staff
  • Financial Controller (cash flow forecast queen)
  • Xero
  • Xero Practice Manager
  • Xero Workpapers
  • Suite Files
  • Client meetings
  • Reviews – 1st and high-level final

General Power of Attorney completion would be required.

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Services for Business

Virtual Financial Controller Service

Why choose me to help? With years of business advisory experience and financial controller experience with a company from start up with continued growth, down to earth and a genuine strength to empower others to understand.

I am committed to your business growing whether you are a:

  • Start-up – with a vision to grow
  • Existing – wanting to grow
  • Existing – experiencing rapid growth

I will assist with your growth plan to help achieve your goals. I will ensure you have up to date financial information by creating a financial system that will assist you in making sound decisions to sustain business growth, survive and thrive.

This service is offered on a monthly or quarterly basis and includes the following:

  • Monthly / Quarterly management accounts (including consolidations)
  • 3-way cashflow forecasting – cashflow, profit & loss, balance sheet (and rolling forecasts)
  • Budgets – reporting actual to budget
  • Dashboards – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Training and empowering appropriate staff
  • Annual compliance calendar
  • Monthly / Quarterly virtual meetings

Remember – Cashflow is King – the roadmap for good financial planning.

Accounting Services

Accounting Compliance

  • Annual Accounts in Xero
  • Rental Statements
  • Tax Returns
  • GST Returns
  • Payroll Service
  • Provisional tax and Terminal tax
  • Tax audit assistance

Book-keeping – accounting software coding, accounts payable (creditors), accounts receivable (debtors).

Cashflow Forecasting – Important for businesses to survive and thrive – startup business idea, buying a business, business lending or a 3-way cashflow forecast for businesses experiencing growth or wanting to grow.

Business Guidance, Advisory & Consultancy – revenue growth, succession plan, tax minimisation, business structure, analyse problems and provide solutions, cashflow management, improving net profits through cost efficiencies.

Software solutions – Xero and Xero add-ons. Specialist in cashflow forecasting software – Futrli, Fathom, Spotlight, Forecast 5 and Microsoft Excel.

Tax planning and advice

Office System Service

I will plan and design a financial office system that is efficient and effective. Implementation of the financial office system will be assisting you hire the right staff and training them.

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Services for Blended Families (Coming Soon)

Service coming soon…

Let’s talk.

Whether you have a start-up business idea, buying an existing business, have a small business wanting to grow or a business already experiencing growth or simply just want a forecast for a business loan, I am here to help.

Book a time to discuss your needs further or ring me.


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